KACHEA's Spring Formal 2018

April 6th, 2018
6:30 p.m.

at Meadowview Conference Center
The Cattails Ballroom

$50 per person

NOTE: Registration Deadline is March 28

 "The Red Nose Event"

Ladies and gentlemen, advance through the door,
This is the event you've been waiting for;
A kaleidoscope of colors, a million dreams,
Bring to your world, a splendid theme;
Grasp the lock,  fling open the cage,
Walk the tightrope, illuminate the stage;
A spectacle of feats, and balancing acts,
talent with flare, there's no going back;
As the velvet tent unfolds,
Raise the bar, you're brave, you're bold;
It's the Greatest Show you're in,
Let the dance of life begin!

Must be a KACHEA member and an active participant in homeschooling. Non-members may go to www.kachea.com join KACHEA.

Grade and guest restrictions: 
7th-12th graders, alunni are welcome to attend. 
Seniors and alumni (ONLY)  may bring one outside guest
Parents and grandparents are welcome to attend.

Modest attire expected by all attendees

Due to facility fees, full payment is required regardless of time of arrival

For reservations, please print and fill out the form from this link or from below and send it with your payment to:

Pam Hickman
251 Old Stage Coach Road
Blountville, Tennessee 37617

Come Celebrate at
"The Red Nose Event”

KACHEA Spring Formal 
April 6, 2018
Meadowview Conference Center
Cattails Ballroom
6:30 pm

2018 Spring Formal Registration
What:                                  “The Red Nose Event”
Who:                                   Seniors, Underclassmen,                                                     Parents, Grandparents and Alumni
When:                                  Friday, April 6, 2018 - 6:30  p.m.
Cost:                                    $50.00 per person
Entertainment:                 The Big Band Theory, 
                                       Fine Dining, Ballroom Dancing

Family Name:    ______________________________ 
Ph# _______________________
Senior’s name (if any) _________________________
Address ___________________________________________________

Reservations For: (Name of all attendees)
1.  _____________________________ 
2. _____________________________
3. _____________________________ 
4. _____________________________
5. _____________________________
 6. _____________________________
Total attendees x $50.00 _________
Please make checks payable to KACHEA and mail signed form with check to:
Pam Hickman
251 Old Stage Coach Road 
Blountville, Tennessee 37617

1.       You must be a KACHEA member and part of the homeschool community to attend.
2.       Seniors and Alumni may bring one outside guest.
3.       Siblings 6th grade and under may not attend.
4.       Modest attire is expected. If you must ask, assume it is not. 
5.       We welcome and desire parents and grandparents to attend. 
6.       This is not a prom but a homeschool event. Appropriate behavior between attending couples is   expected. No public displays of affection please.
7.       Any specific song request must be submitted prior to the event for review and approval. On the night of the event, the band will only play music that has first been approved by the formal coordinators. 
I have read and shared this information with my attending family/guest.

 (Parent or Legal Guardian’s Signature)