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Our purpose is to glorify God by encouraging and assisting those parents who have chosen to educate their children at home. This group has been in existence since 1991.

KACHEA membership includes approximately 200 families, who are members of various church denominations. While participants are not required to be Christian, those in leadership (including parents participating in co-op) must agree and adhere to KACHEA‚Äôs statement of faith (please see our Statement of Faith located under the Registration tab above).

The KACHEA Board must review/approve all individual team/event original policies/guidelines and subsequent revisions, as well as, all persons proposed for leadership roles. The individual advisory boards are responsible for organizing and leading in all activities.

 Information pertaining to:
Leadership Board, Policies and Procedures, Statement of Faith, Code of Conduct and By-Laws may be accessed via the drop down menu above or links below.