KACHEA Spring Formal 2020

Event: "Singing in the Rain" 2020 Spring Formal

Theme: Roaring Twenties


KACHEA Family:

Upon more recent updates and restrictions, it is with sobering regret that the KACHEA Board and Spring Formal Coordinators must cancel the 2020 KACHEA spring formal, scheduled on July 23rd, at Celebration Church in Blountville.

Recent updated restrictions include:

1. No groups larger than 50.

2. Food distribution must be pre-packaged food only.

3. No dancing- due to social distancing restrictions.

Unfortunately, we have exhausted all measures in planning for a group larger than 50.

However, we do have a few ideas and suggestions:

A. Senior's parents willing to volunteer their home/space for an evening, may enjoy hosting a private celebration for their child and group of friends. Parents, of course, would be responsible to make this happen.

B. KACHEA may host a Senior's Only Banquet, potentially bringing one guest each, if we keep the count under 50. No parents or under graduates would be allowed to attend, unless they are the one guest of a Senior.

Things to consider with this proposal:

1. NETHEA HAS 33 graduating seniors.

2. There would be no dancing, though we may be able to consider another source of entertainment.

3. The cost may go up, due to entertainment, food, and room rental fees.

4. We would need to be close to maximum occupancy.

5. There will be no band, due to lack of funds but we could still have music.

6. It can still take place on the same night as previously planned, though another cancellation is possible.

7. We still need a location.

I'm happy to assist with this idea, although it would be on a much smaller scale than what we typically do, and still very restricted.

C. Bancroft Bible Camp is offering opportunities for outdoor recreational activities. Reservations can be made for small groups of 50 or less. This would allow KACHEA graduates/peers to at least share time together to celebrate the graduating Seniors. Parents would also be responsible in organizing this.

You may contact Jeff or Martha Dingus at:


or 423-288-4532.

Once again, our hearts go out to the Seniors who have had to deal with so many disappointments this year. We are very proud of you and all that you have accomplished, having no doubt that these tragic events will somehow serve a greater purpose in your future.


KACHEA will be mailing refunds or returning checks to all those who have already made reservations.


Thank you for your patience and understanding.

May God bless you all.

Debbie Moody

Pam Hickman

Event Coordinators


If you are interested in taking over coordinating for the formal, please talk to Debbie Taylor or Pam Hickman. It really needs to be several people not just one.  Whoever it is really needs to be with Debbie and Pam now to see what and how they get everything coordinated. It is a pretty big task. If someone doesn't step up, then there will be no more formal.  

Questions? Please contact Debbie Taylor at gabbiethree@gmail.com or 423-429-1033.