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Regarding BOTH the Spelling Bee & Geography Bee

Geography Bee & Spelling Bee

The KACHEA board is sad to announce that we are not planning to register for the January 2021 Scripps Spelling Bee and the Geography Bee has been canceled for this year.

Regarding the Spelling Bee:

1. It costs $175.00 to register for the Scripps Spelling Bee.

2. The past few years has shown a decline in the participation in the Spelling Bee, especially for the 4th -8th grade competition which advances to the regional level.  

3. There is a strong possibility for the 2021 year competition, (which is held at the beginning of the year ( January 2021) each year at the local level and the regional level would be in March 2021) that it would be moved to their online platform, at a local, regional and/or national level.

4. We also need volunteers that are willing to run the contests.  

5.   If you are truly interested in these contests to be brought back in the following years, please reach out to the KACHEA board at:

Thanks to all those who through the years have served as coordinators, volunteers, and participants for both events.  


Regarding the Geography Bee, we received the following communication from the official National Bee organization:

"Dear GeoBee Community,

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the world we live in. And it’s changed education. We are experiencing a tremendous amount of disruption. Closed schools. Canceled events. Remote learning. Hybrid learning. Around the country, school districts at every level are grappling with how to safely carry out their charge, while navigating a web of public health guidelines. Anxiety is high. Many are overwhelmed. Superintendent of San Diego Public Schools Cindy Marten described this moment as, "the biggest adaptive the history of public education."

We are seeing a similarly historic shift with the GeoBee. This year, registrations for the 2020-2021 competition are down 75 percent. We recognize this is a response to this moment in time, as educators, families and communities navigate the countless challenges in their lives. We’ve worked diligently to respond to the needs of our community, making adjustments to provide more flexibility. But the education landscape continues to evolve. In light of these shifts, we’ve decided to cancel this year’s GeoBee and are taking the opportunity to reimagine what a geography experience for young people could look like altogether.

We’ll take this time to talk to students, educators, and community members, and determine how to adapt and innovate in ways that engage even more young people around the power of geography. We’ll announce in the fall of 2021 what this geography opportunity will look like for 2022."

Coordinator: Patricia Dotson (