The Scripps National Spelling Bee - sponsored by KACHEA


Regarding the Spelling Bee... 

If KACHEA parents want to commit to the Spelling Bee and see KACHEA participate again in 2023-2024, please contact the KACHEA Board ( If enough parents and students commit to it, we can look into resuming participation.

Why did KACHEA stop participating?
1. It costs $175.00 to register for the Scripps Spelling Bee.
2. The past few years has shown a decline in the participation in the Spelling Bee, especially for the 4th-8th grade competition, which advances to the regional level.  
3. There is a strong possibility that future competitions, (which are held in January each year for the local level, and in March for the regional level) would be conducted on an online platform.
4. We need volunteers willing to run the contests.