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KACHEA Board Policies and Procedures                                                             

Our purpose is to glorify God by encouraging and assisting those parents who have chosen to educate their children at home. This group has been in existence since 1991.

KACHEA membership includes approximately 200 families, who are members of various church denominations. While participants are not required to be Christian, those in leadership must agree and adhere to KACHEA’s statement of faith (see attached).

The KACHEA Board must review/approve all individual team/event original policies/guidelines and subsequent revisions, as well as, all persons proposed for leadership roles. The individual advisory boards are responsible for organizing and leading in all activities.


  1. Families who have chosen to educate their children at home are eligible to be members of KACHEA.
  2. The KACHEA Board adopted Eligibility Standards for participation in all KACHEA sports teams (per March 21, 2012 meeting). Those standards are as follows:
    1. The player has not graduated from high school;
    2. As of August 1 of the current school year, the player had not yet turned 19 years of age; and
    3. The player is registered as a homeschooler pursuant to the laws of the State of Tennessee (i.e. with an umbrella school or with the superintendent of the local public school system). If the player resides in another state (i.e. Virginia), the player is registered as a homeschooler pursuant to the laws of the    applicable state.
    4. Further standards for participation in KACHEA sports for any player who repeats his/her senior year have been adopted.  Those standards are as follows:  If a player repeats his/her senior year and wishes to play sports for KACHEA, the player will only be eligible if he/she satisfies the eligibility standards above and if he/she is enrolled in four (4) or more classes, provided, however, if he/she is on a block schedule or dual-enrolled, the equivalent number of classes. Notwithstanding the above, the KACHEA sports have elected to follow the TSSAA eligibility standards which currently limits participation to 8 semesters after entering the 9th grade.


  1. All leaders/advisory board members/coaches/treasurers must sign a statement of faith and list any crimes of which they have been convicted or pled guilty and any current legal issues that are in process at the time they are being considered for leadership.
  2. Each sports/event director must attend a board meeting prior to the beginning of the season (before the first game) and submit the director's checklist for review and approval.
  3. Recognizing the KACHEA Board would ultimately be responsible for the resolution of any legal issues, the individual advisory boards facing any situation involving legal, liability, or moral issues must communicate these situations to a board member as soon as possible.
  4. KACHEA requires that at least two adults be present at all KACHEA events where children are present without their parents.
  5. All athletic directors/coaches/parent helpers must complete the online concussion training course at cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html and agree to comply as closely as possible with the course guidelines.


Sports Teams/Events under purview of KACHEA Board

Basketball                           Co-op                                  Spring Formal

Soccer                                 Yearbook                             Spelling/Geography Bees

Volleyball                            Field Trips                           Used Book Sale

Running Club                     K Graduation                       Mom's Night Out/ABC's of Homeschooling

Requirements for Sports/Event Advisory Boards:

Each sporting group must form an advisory consisting of at least 2-3 members.  This should include a director.

Each sport/event must designate a treasurer (cannot be the director) and two signatures are required on the bank account for accountability.

The advisory board members and any other leaders including coaches must be approved by the KACHEA Board before their appointment. This includes any changes to the leadership proposed after this approval.

Initially, each advisory board is responsible for developing policies/guidelines specific to the sport/event and gaining approval from the KACHEA Board prior to the start of the upcoming season.

The Director of the advisory board is responsible for the following checklist:

  1. Attending a KACHEA Board meeting prior to the start of the season/program to provide good communication to the board regarding this checklist, program status/activities, and any program concerns/ issues.
  2. Along with other members of their program's advisory board, periodically review the policies/guidelines and revise as needed, gaining the approval of the KACHEA Board for any revisions.
  3. Communicating the program policies/guidelines to leaders and parents
  4. Making sure participants are KACHEA members prior to the start of the program
  5. Submitting an annual report to the KACHEA Board (simple financial statement) either at the end of the program each year or prior to the start of the program the following year
  6. Making sure all leadership positions have been approved by the KACHEA Board and statements of faith and criminal background questions are filled out and signed by these potential leaders
  7. Making sure all program leadership is aware of the above-mentioned requirement that two adults be present at all events where children are present without their parents AND making a reasonable effort to ensure that this requirement is carried out in his individual program/event.
  8. Making sure all coaches/parent helpers have completed the online concussion training course at cdc.gov/headsup/youthsports/training/index.html and have agreed to comply; and providing signed certificates of completion of the course for all coaches/parent helpers. 

KACHEA Board assignments to make sure the director is aware of the timeframe to submit the above checklist:

The first month listed is when the KACHEA Board member needs to remind the sports/event director to prepare the checklist and the second month is the KACHEA Board meeting that the director will be attending to present the finished checklist for approval.

                Packie Bogard--Basketball-- September/October

                Nina Ramey--Soccer--January/February

                Kim Prillhart--Volleyball--April/May

                Patricia Dotson--Running Club--August/September