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KACHEA (kah-chee-ah) - Together since 1991, our purpose is to glorify God by encouraging and assisting parents who choose to educate their children at home. Made up of over 200 families from northeastern TN and southwestern VA, we have sports teams, a co-op, field trips, activities, photos, a yearbook, mom's nights, graduations, and more. We even offer support (by way of information) for legal homeschooling. 


Homeschool Online Resources

Regional THEA (Tennessee Home Education Association) branch dealing with homeschool laws, umbrella school information, and various activities, including graduation - NETHEA:

Regional homeschooling support, prayer, encouragement, and online yard sale group: 

Print your free homeschool ID cards:



 Announcements and Upcoming Events

Details? Check the Events, Field Trips and Fun, or Sports links above.

- Homeschool Skate Days: No need to sign up, just show up! At Bristol Skateway, every Wednesday. Open 9:30-noon. $3 admission includes skate rental. If you have small children that can't skate, you can push them in your stroller while you walk or skate. They even have tricycles with handles you can push.

- Homeschool Day at Northeast State: March 12. See details on the "Field Trips and Fun" page.

- KACHEA Spring Formal 2019: Friday, April 5 - See more details about all the fun under the "Events" tab.

- The Yearbook wants your pictures! This is your Yearbook - our Yearbook as a KACHEA family - so we want your pictures! See "Events - Pictures & Yearbook" for all the different things we're looking for. We want to represent the wide range of events, activities, home life and more that we all love as homeschoolers. Check out the page for details and contact Lucy Roller with any questions.

- Kindergarten Graduation planning is underway. Those who want to participate, please contact Tiffany Cole ( so she can start getting a count. Also, Tiffany is looking to train someone to take over this fun yearly event.

- Co-Op Visitation Days: April 2 and April 9. Come check out our classes, how we operate, and get your questions answered. Contact Angela Henson for details and to sign up (

- Kingsport Ballet presents "The Sleeping Beauty": April 11. Attend this school performance for FREE! See details on the "Field Trips and Fun" page.

We are excited to have you and your family!

Registration is open and the cost is low. Join us for the 2018/2019 school year through the registration link above. Membership includes a discount code for HSLDA as well as a directory of member-owned businesses.

Please note that participation in KACHEA sponsored sports and events requires membership to KACHEA. Explore our site to see what we have to offer. 

If you have questions you can't find the answers to, feel free to contact the membership leader, Patricia Dotson.